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Do you have what it takes to be a part of the LuxElite? is seeking an elite roster of models from around the globe to be the face of our brand!  Ladies will be sought out through all social media outlets and the LuxElite team will be handpicked by our executive styling department.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Girls can apply to become a LuxElite model (girls will be chosen at discretion of the LuxElite team model scouts)

  • Our team will be scouting new models through social media and Runway Luxe tagged photos to find stylish girls with substantial social media followings and extending to them an invitation to join our team.

  • LuxElite models will receive complimentary swag bags and gifts periodically so they may wear, post, tag, and promote the clothing 

  • LuxElite models will have a monthly shopping budget so they may purchase wear and promote the items they love

  • LuxElite girls are required to push banners that are sent to them (no more than 3 per month) and photograph, tag, and comment on all merchandise received during their time as a promo model. They are also required to like and follow all pages, while enthusiastically creating buzz about Runway Luxe

  • LuxElite girls will be featured on our LuxElite page with a small bio and links to their own social media (optional)

  • Models picked for upcoming look books and ad campaigns will be chosen from inside the LuxElite family

  • LuxElite girls will own a personal 15% off promo code to give out to friends, family and followers - and to use towards purchases beyond their allotted monthly shopping budget.

  • At the end of the year, one of the LuxElite girls will be chosen for an all-inclusive vacation for two to the Caribbean (based on their amount of promotional activity)  

  • This partnership may end at any time without notice at the discretion of the Runway Luxe team- due to non-fulfillment of the partnership agreement (inappropriate posts, failure to post, tag, and comment on gifted merchandise, failure to post and promote banners)

We want to see your ultimate Runway Luxe selfie!  

Show us what you’ve got – and what we gave you - to automatically sign up for a chance at becoming a stylish LuxElite model, and you could win a cover feature in our next campaign!

to register, click here!

Happy Posting!